Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Vs The iPhone X – What’s Better?

Review of Samsung Vs Apple Smartphones

When it comes to smart phones, there are a lot of solid choices on the market these days. Of course, the two most popular are undoubtedly the iPhone X and the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus. They’re both incredible well marketed and fairly ubiquitous, so much so that it’s difficult to know which one to choose. If you’re having a hard time, there are a few key factors to consider that might help you make your choice. In the following paragraphs, we’ll go over each one step by step and hopefully help you arrive at a conclusion. Let’s get into it.


This will honestly be the main sticking point for most. The retail price of the iPhone X debuted at just about $1,000. There were two options for the S9, both of which were around $100 to $200 cheaper. If you don’t care about falling in line with the expectation of having an iPhone as a status symbol, you can easily save a lot of money by going with Samsung.

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Every single feature you could ever want from a modern smart phone is baked right into each of these models. In most cases, you shouldn’t be left wanting for anything. Their cameras are both incredibly similar in quality and options, and they each have wonderful security functionality thanks to face ID and intelligent scan. The biggest overall difference is the ability to expand the storage of the S9 Plus with an SD card. It’s important to note the iPhone’s role within the ecosystem of other Apple products however; if you have a lot of their devices already, the iPhone might serve you best.

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Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are always one of the best ways to help make a buying decision. The internet has given everyone a voice. Every single online marketplace worth its salt has a field for customer ratings near the bottom. Provided you look at the S9 Plus and iPhone X on third party websites, you’ll easily be able to compile a lot of unbiased feedback. (If you only look at comments directly from those websites, you may not get a fair sense of whatever negatives each model might carry with it.) If you filter ratings to only show 3 or 4 stars, you’ll likely get the most balanced viewpoint.

After you consider all of this, it should hopefully be far easier to decide whether you want to go with the iPhone X or the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus. They are both well regarded products in many respects. Apple products will always be the trendiest of course, but many people don’t care about that so much. You’ll likely be able to find the S9 Plus for a lower price, and it has just as many essential features. That said, there’s no denying the high quality of the iPhone X’s design. In many ways, it honestly comes down to personal preference and your budget. No matter which you choose however, you’re sure to love it!

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