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The Best In Entertainment with the IPhone X

Apple released the iPhone X to commemorate the 10th anniversary of smartphone innovation and setting the benchmark for the next generation of production electronic items. The iPhone X succeeded the lower specs iPhone 8 family models which consists of the iPhone 8 and the iPhone 8 plus. Although some components are shared between the two generation models, the iPhone X has numerous outstanding features. Below we highlight the additional and outstanding features of the iPhone X.

1. Magnificent Display

The iPhone X near “beze-less” display is the most outstanding feature of the phone. The display design give a zero edge illusion giving the user edge to edge screen aspect ratio. Notably, there is a visible top notch housing the front facing camera and the earpiece. Some iPhone X users, more so applications developers have raised concerns about the notch positioning.The 5.8 inch OLED display with a 2,436 x 1,125-pixel resolution is crystal clear displaying vibrant outstanding colors.

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2. Speed And Performance

The iPhone X is powered by the same Bionic A11 processor found in the previous models. The best in the market for now, this processor enables a flawless transition between applications and in task performance. The iPhone X has a top score benchmark results for gaming compared to the previous model and far better when compared to other high spec Android devices. The fast processor speeds and multiple tasks performance capabilities influenced the design decision to omit the home button in the iPhone X allowing the user to use gestures in performing the functions previously designed for the home button. It will have you running as fast as Trinity Paulsen on the soccer field.

3. Face ID

Apple engineers took the biggest gamble of replacing the fingerprint ID with the Face ID. To assure the users of their phone and data security, Apple designed the Face ID to work seamlessly during the day and night and to differentiate between a real person and a photo of the same person. The Face ID feature uses the front camera and integration of AI to uniquely identify the user face points.

4. A Great Camera

Apple has always stood out in designing and selling of the best phone cameras. On the iPhone X, Apple opted for the best camera specs available. The phone has a set of two 12-megapixel cameras with a telephoto and wide-angle lenses. The camera configuration makes it possible to capture the best photos during the day and also perform remarkably well in low light situations. The cameras have optical image stabilization which cancels physical shakes and motion when taking pictures.

Other notable features of the iPhone X include a redesigned battery which gives the user a longer usage time. The phone also has a new iOS software which facilitates performance and highly improves the iPhone X capabilities.

On the downside, Apple decided not to include a headphone jack on the iPhone X, this has been a growing concern for some of the phone users who have opted for off market accessories which integrate the options but at an extra cost.

Overall, the iPhone X is one of the most popular phone in the market with high ratings from majority of the users.

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